About Us

Convictions of Honour and Good Sense

Cordova Pacific comprises a select group of professional advisors. Since our formation in 1999, we have supported businesses in 17 countries, working at the heart of their projects when they are looking to make the most of a big opportunity.

Cordova Pacific’s president Ted Moorhouse and his associates work across a range of business sectors. Ted and his team are best known for developing strategies that last, making technologies work and getting the most from your people. We’re proud that many of the individuals we work with today were with us in our early days and that we continue to count them as colleagues, clients and friends.

Cordova Pacific delivers high quality work and develops long-term client relationships. Ted and his team have a distinctive style of working and have a set of values based on integrity and ethics.

What We Do


The Cordova Pacific Approach

The Cordova Pacific approach is flexible and highly collaborative. We know that different clients have different needs; they look for different types of input depending on their own capabilities. Using the experience and versatility of our associates, we tailor our approach to the particular circumstances.

While we typically deploy just one or two of our associates to complement existing know-how and skills, we sometimes involve other third parties to ensure the chosen way forward has been thoroughly thought through. Our focus is always to make change happen… and stick. That’s why we like to stay on assignments until the client teams are in place with the conviction and capability to carry the work forward, thus ensuring that the desired outcomes really can be delivered and sustained.

Our People


The Cordova Pacific Experience

Due to client confidentiality, we can’t tell you about all our assignments, but here are some examples:

At Serebra Learning Corporation, what was expected to be a short-term assignment in 2002 (as a board director) for Ted Moorhouse turned into an 8-year mission for Ted (first as COO, then CEO, then CEO & CFO and then as Chairman & CEO) and many of his current Cordova Pacific associates. With Ted’s work in the Middle East, Africa and 30 other countries, Ted’s e-learning vision helped thousands of students in developing nations advance their IT and professional development skills. This work resulted in special recognition from former US President Bill Clinton, and set the stage for the Cordova Pacific team to engage in a series of projects based on Corporate Social Responsibility.

We helped a Vancouver-based company create a genomics standards company. We drew out knowledge and expertise from international conferences on whole genome sequencing and from science-based research companies to help shape a highly focused strategy.

We helped the leadership of a video encoding company develop a strategy for accelerated growth. We combined our accounting and marketing experience with a highly participative approach to generate ideas from entrepreneurial thinkers. This led to the creation of a whole new business venture that was successfully formed within 6 months and closed its first major deal just a few months later.

We worked with the management team of a First Nations council to define a new strategy and operating model. We addressed significant operational issues and provided the foundation for value-added services.

Ted Moorhouse continues his 13-year association with Primelearning, an e-learning company in Limerick Ireland. Ted has co-written a number of business plans and has hosted a series of strategic seminars to create expansion opportunities into North America for its accounting and project management courseware libraries.

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