Business Strategy

Setting a Practical Direction

Businesses choose to reexamine their strategies for various reasons: new leadership, changes in the market, disappointing performance, or maybe staff needing to be rallied behind a clear purpose and direction. The challenge is to come up with a crisp and actionable strategy, a strategy that is well thought through, and one that sets a clear and practical direction.

Cordova Pacific can help.

The essence of business strategy is being clear about what you’re trying to achieve, who you want to serve and why your customers should buy your products or services. Ted Moorhouse and his team at Cordova Pacific help our clients organize their strategy to deliver results most effectively. Cordova Pacific works with our clients determine their target market, their value proposition and their operating model, and that forms the foundation for developing your strategy.

The Cordova Pacific philosophy is that you should develop your own strategy. Our role is to help create the structure and to challenge the process. We recognize that our clients’ own people often have the best understanding of the market and the business itself. By involving them throughout the assignment, Cordova Pacific can help you build a strategy in which your people have a stake. The real heart of any business strategy is to get people to change what they do but in the right way. That means engaging and taking people with you to a shared understanding and purpose.

Ted and his team at Cordova Pacific follow a highly participative approach to help ensure that clear thinking gets turned into effective action that delivers real business results. That includes attracting talent, growing markets, building share, increasing efficiencies and improving margins.